• episode 1: pilot
    • do you enjoy podcasts where good friends discuss bad tv?
    • are you someone who has watched gotham (tv) and has a love-hate relationship with it, or someone who has not watched gotham (tv) and would like to learn some deranged facts?
    • are you intrigued by the idea of a show that can’t decide if it’s a grim police procedural or a campy supervillain romp? a show that combines characters i want to put in the microwave with ideas that make me throw my hands in the air and say HOW DID YOU EVEN THINK OF THAT??
    • have you heard that kirby and i are beautiful geniuses?
    • you may enjoy Jim Gordon Must Die: episode 1
    • this podcast contains discussion of portrayals of police violence, gun violence, and domestic violence, and how they are handled (badly). on a lighter note, it also contains the backstory of how i live-texted kirby all of season 1 of gotham, a show she had not watched, in the immediate lead-up to having a mental breakdown and going on leave from undergrad.
  • episode 2: riddler's daughter
    • We discuss S1E2 of Gotham, 'Selina Kyle'. Also we get substantially sidetracked by a DC comics wiki page.
  • episode 3: cryptocurrency hater jim gordon
    • We discuss S1E3 of Gotham, 'The Balloonman.' This episode is good, actually.

      Typical content warnings for discussion of fictional police brutality, and then also, I guess, cartoonish murder by weather balloon.

  • episode 4: the HR assassin
    • We discuss S1E4 of Gotham, 'Arkham.' Jim Gordon is confronted by the existence of bisexuality.

      Content warnings: brief discussion of death by fire and eye trauma.

  • episode 5: load-bearing ethical billionaires
    • We discuss S1E5 of Gotham, 'Viper.' Sarah critiques a terrorist plot. Things are getting extremely weird in the mobster subplot(s).

      Content warnings: discussion of drugs, bad cgi body horror, and (technically??) suicide